Monday, April 11, 2011

The Crew

Now that we got all that fancy book-a'learnin all outa the way in our last posts - here's some eye candy fer ya! Meet my faithful gardening crew - with whom I share each of my gardening projects. Top is Hank, our deer relocation specialist. He can relocate a deer to over 1 acre away without even physical contact! Second is the newest addition to the team, Ms. Ruby Soho. In addition to excelling in great posture, we suspect she may have a propensity for digging like the rest of us! Maybe we'll recruit her for our sunflower patch...
Third down is Basil the Cat who seems to enjoy supervising the potatoes....and sampling the grass.Last but not least is the leader of the team, my husband Reed Flinn. Don't let his relaxed smile fool you. This man is not only an heirloom encyclopedia, he can bring plants back from the dead. He does all the hard manual work, and tenderly hovers over every seedling until transplant. Everything I know about gardening and nature, I learned either from him or with him. He could be writing this blog - but he's too busy doing all the heavy lifting!!

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