Sunday, April 10, 2011

What makes a Garden "Green"?

So, how do you make a garden green? If you said, "plant plenty of kale, lettuce, and broccoli"- you would of course be right. (Haha, smart aleck- you got one on me!) But in the larger sense of the word, a "green", eco-friendly gardener grows by more guidelines than simply "organic" (although that is a noble pursuit). While I still consider myself a novice gardener, my naturalist background has led me to follow 3 basic principles to keep my garden nature-friendly:

  1. I refrain from putting anything on the garden that I wouldn't put on myself.(Afterall, what goes in your garden winds up in you in one form or another...)

  2. Our garden emphasizes more and more beneficial and native plants, or at at least, ones that are non-invasive.

  3. My husband and I implement techniques to grow with nature, not against it. Our garden is trap and poison free and provides a safe-haven for wildlife.

  4. We own gardening apparel that includes one of the following: tie dye, red bandanna (not to be worn on the neck!), long hair.

OK, #4 is a goof. Although we do like tie dye, I want to emphasize that the pursuit of greener gardening is not just for the "cooler than cool" rural hippie! It's for anyone who cares about one's health, one's animal friends, and a fun gardening challenge. So soccer mums, urbanites - even Republicans are welcome! If you think this may be for you - read on for a few more introductory blogs before we get our hands dirty! I hope you have fun learning with me and mine!

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