Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Going to the Greenhouse!

Reed at "Reed's Greenhouse" in Hico, WV. No, - we don't run our own greenhouse. But the ironically named, "Reed's Greenhouse" is one of our favorite spring and summer hangouts.

If you have never visited a greenhouse before, it's time to go! Each one is different. But I never tire of meandering through rows of flowers, veggie plants, seedlings, examining tags, and ducking into the next giant white tent to see what else may await...

Exploring a greenhouse is like going to a circus carnival of greenery, only you get to take home your favorite performers!

The day this picture was taken was a (rare!) sunny day in May.

We bought Lantana, Petunias, Verbena. Foxglove, and Celosia! (Oh, and a couple of tomato plants for my square!)

When I tend to look for flowers I look for 3 things:
1. Beneficial to pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies, bees
2. Perennial (hey, it's more cost-effective)
3. Long bloom times

Often, two out of three is good enough if I just love how the flower looks. For instance, this is my first time growing foxglove (digitalis). I picked out a creamy yellow cultivated variety (d. lutea). It is a perrinneal and although it's not a super butterfly plant, I hear butterflies like it. I'll have to update you later for how long it blooms!

(All parts of this plant are very toxic - but look how pretty! Probably not the best thing if you have kids - but I'll let you know next month how it turned out!)

All in all, if you have never gardened, or if you're not sure you want to get into it - visit your nearest greenhouse. It is a great motivator and not such a bad date idea either! ^_-

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